Teamwork, not competition

Teamwork, Not Competition

How are your New Year’s Resolutions going? I had gained some weight over the holidays, and now I am working to take it all off. I know that I can do it, because I have a team who encourages and believes in me. In fact, I had tried for years to lose and keep off weight, but it never stuck until I realized that the team approach was an important component in my struggle. So now I go to meetings and surround myself with people who know I can do what I must and support me along the way. In fact, this has been such an important revelation to me, that I apply it to other areas of my life.

Think about it. Do you remember why you joined NJAKE? Years ago I was new to kindergarten and I attended two workshops, one at the Science Convention and one at a NAEYC convention, both given by different members of NJAKE. The presentations were fabulous and I wanted to learn more about this organization. I joined and found a community of teachers who were passionate about the young child and eager to learn more on how to teach them. I made friends I probably would never have met if I hadn’t started going to the workshops, and I learned as much from the discussions I had with others sitting at the table with me as I did from the presenter.

Even today, in our digital world, I crave that face to face conversation and feel of belonging to something that matters that occurs each time I attend one of our events. Here at NJAKE we are all valued members and we all contribute to our community in one way or another. I like to feel like a part of a caring organization. What I like, even more, is the positive attitude of cooperation not competition that pulses through all our workshops. In today’s world where everyone seems to worry about “measuring up” it is good to find a place where teachers can share freely and build on each other’s ideas. So why don’t you spread the word about our organization and extend an invitation to someone at your school or neighborhood? At the least, you could forward our new, weekly notes to the grade level team. And the next time they want the information from the workshop, smile and give them the handouts, but be sure to mention how it is a shame they couldn’t attend, because there were so many more ideas and tips that were given by the participants that made the workshop much more valuable. If they ask what those tips were, mention that you had to be there to put things in context.

So, remember that our team of NJAKE is here to support you in a rush, rush, gimme more world. I can’t wait to see you at one of the following workshops.

Steam for young learners, Union County March 3, deadline February 19

Bluebirds in the Schoolyard, Somerset County March 5, no deadline, but only 35 spots left and the last one closed early

Mary Amoson, NJAKE Spring Conference April 9, deadline March 19

Go to our website at and hit workshops on the bar at the top to find the registration forms and information.

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