LED Lights

My husband and I put up our outside seasonal lights in a flash this year. We laughed the whole time as we reminisced about previous years and the hours it would take us to get the lights ready and then put them up, all the while hoping that they would all stay lit. The big difference was that we had made the change last year to LED lights. Not only do they stay lit if one light goes out, but they use less energy. What is not to love about them?

It got me thinking about all the technological advances that make our lives better and how difficult it would be to live without them. That said, I imagine those of you who have been teaching a while are less thrilled over the technology that you may be forced to use in the classroom. A lot has been added to your plate in the last few years, but we all know that children love technology and it is not going away. It is a very useful tool that has already changed the way we work and play. It is a little bit like the LED lights that we now use. The next generations will not be able to imagine the frustrations we encountered trying to keep a string of lights lit.

So, in the coming year, make it a priority to embrace the technology, but be more vocal about learning how to use it. Do what you want the children to do: evaluate what works and what doesn’t and ask for teaching that speaks to how you learn best. To the administrators who are pushing the technology it would be wise to realize that teachers have different learning styles and it is your responsibility to help all the school or district’s employees feel comfortable and provide support where needed.

So, while on break at the end of the year, why not send NJAKE a note and let us know your triumphs and frustrations in this brave new world of technology? We would love to hear from you!

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