A Culture of Cooperation

Last week the topic was teamwork, not competition, among the adults in our school settings, but teaching children to work as a team is even better, since children are willing to try and are not set in their ways. How do you help children see everyone as valuable and able to contribute to the class or “team?” This is an important question to ask yourself, since it impacts on all facets of learning and growing together in your class. It is hard work to make everyone feel safe enough to make mistakes and learn from them.

It is halfway through the school year and a good time to look at how things are going with your team. One only has to look at the political debates or social media posts to see that we live in a cruel, not kind world. What do your children value in each other and the adults in your class? What kind of culture have you created in the classroom? Why don’t you ask them? Valentine’s Day is a week away and we love our students, especially the ones that make it hard to see the good in them. Why don’t you ask each child to write a note about why she/he is important to the class? “I am an important member of our class because…” Have them start thinking early in the week and write later.

Send me the good, the bad, and the funny. I will put in next week’s blog, but I will need it by Friday, February 12. Just one sentence a classroom would be a big help. No names will be used. Send the sentences to lilredhen2@comcast.net . Put TEAM in the subject area so I know what it is.

Good luck this week. Remember, NJAKE thinks you are a valuable member of our team!

Thank you, Union County, for a great workshop with Jeff Williamson. There were over 80 in attendance and we loved the hands on the musical instruments.



Steam for young learners, Union County March 3, deadline February 19

Bluebirds in the Schoolyard, Somerset County March 5, no deadline, but only 35 spots left and the last Duke Farms workshop closed early

Mary Amoson, NJAKE Spring Conference April 9, deadline March 19

Go to our website at www.njake.net and hit workshops on the bar at the top to find the registration forms and information.

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