Spring Peepers

One of the delights of moving to New Jersey has been the elusive small frogs that croak their song of love each spring. The first time I heard the spring peepers in the early evening over 20 years ago, I had no idea what it was. Someone explained it to me in a matter of fact way, like it was a routine occurrence. To me, the sound of the spring peepers is a wondrous herald to another awakening of the earth and the stirrings of life anew. With the weather warming to record highs last week, it is not surprising that I would hear their love songs, but I wasn’t ready for what happened on my way back home at dusk.

I had the car windows down with the radio blaring above the rush of the wind when I heard a sound above the music on the radio. I turned off the radio and there it was- thousands of spring peepers croaking in the dwindling light. There must have been some wetlands behind the single row of houses lining the street, but the sound was deafening. I had never heard so many singing at once and it made me smile and think that this spring would be something to remember.

Are you, too, noticing the signs of spring that are beginning to pop up? Crocuses are blooming and even some daffodils. The red maples are starting to bloom and the pollinators will be visiting them on warm days. Inside, are your students showing signs of an awakening of sorts? There is the restlessness that comes with the warm weather and a need to be outside, but there is also that kindergarten “Ah ha” that changes everything in the classroom. Suddenly, the children seem to understand and are putting all this new understanding to good use.

Most of us have three months of teaching left on the calendar. It will be a challenging time, as it always is, with breaks, gentle breezes calling to the children, and other rites of spring. Why not make this year something to remember in a wonderful way? Come to our Spring Conference with Mary Amoson and get some terrific ideas for your class. This kindergarten teacher is filled with enthusiasm, just what we need for the end of the year when so much presses on us to keep us down. You also have the opportunity to network with teachers across the state, all at a very reasonable cost. Come and spark your tired teaching lessons and have some fun, too.

You got the registration flyer in your email, and newletter this week, but in case you can't find it, go to www.njake.net and sign up under workshops.

When the weather is warm, don’t forget to listen for the spring peepers. Like our current class of children, they won’t be here for long.

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