Is Bigger Better?

My daughter took her children to an Easter egg hunt last weekend. It was a huge event where they put out thousands of eggs and there were hundreds of kids in attendance. She was appalled at what happened at the hunt. It was absolute chaos with every child for her/himself and parents encouraging their children to grab as many eggs as possible. Terrified tots cried, eggs were smashed, and many children got no eggs at all. She did not see one child with overflowing baskets offer eggs to children without any and parents whose children garnered many eggs walked triumphantly to their cars.

I realized that my daughter had never experienced a hunt like that, because I only took my oldest, her older brother, to one event like that. Once was enough and I only did hunts at home from that time on. It seems that huge egg hunts only bring out the worst in people, both young and old, and it made me think of other things that are supersized and whether they serve children well.

What about bigger schools or larger class sizes? Here in New Jersey where private schools flourish, I wonder if the smaller class sizes and small school appeal are reasons that people pay for their children to go to the private schools. There is comfort in going to a place where everyone knows your name. Wouldn’t it be great if public schools spent less money on bureaucracy and more on putting money in the classroom with smaller class sizes and more personal attention? How big is too big for the young child? We will continue this conversation in next week’s blog. Let us know what you think about class size and any research you have come across on this subject.

Meanwhile, Union County has added a workshop with John Farrell in May. Please check it out by clicking on the workshops tab to sign up with Pay Pal or print out the flyer.

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