Written in your heart

There are certain things about children that are written in my heart. I like to think of them as what I believe about people, families, and the children I teach. I believe you have words in your heart that guide you, too, in the everyday business of working with and communicating with young children and their families. Your words may be different from mine, but I review my words often, because in our frenetic, media driven world, I have to remind myself of what is important and it isn’t on TV or the internet. It is right in front of me.

Here are my words:

All people are deserving of dignity, even those that behave badly.

Children love their parents deeply. Their families are the most important relationships they have.

Every parent wants the best for her/his child.

When working with children the child is the center and teachers and parents support and nurture them.

Children need time to grow and adults have no time.

Mistakes by children, teachers, and parents happen. It is important to know you made a mistake and learn from it. Hiding from mistakes or trouble only causes problems.

Be ready to forgive and ask for forgiveness.

Celebrate the children you have each day.

This is my ever evolving list. Do you have words written on your heart?

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