Hello Summer!

I know summer has officially started almost 2 weeks ago, but to me it really begins after the Fourth of July. I say that because it is the time I finally get to do something for myself. After school was out I needed a couple of weeks to feel human again and to dig out my home from the flurry of activity and papers at the end of school. The holiday with its fireworks and family gatherings is a festive start, but I always longed for time to read, regroup, vacation, and get set for the next school year. I relished the less structured time and always was careful to add only a few “must dos” during the brief span left.

How do you feel about summer? It amazes me that most people think all teachers abandon thoughts of school during the entire summertime. I could never do it, although going away on vacation is a carefree time when I barely think about the coming year. A few years ago NJAKE began a summer institute. Jeff and Lois had some splendid August workshops that really helped me get set for the coming year. We have pared down from 2 day workshops, but we still have something for you to consider this year. It is a great way to light a spark for the school year when there is time to plan. Sitters are available and it gives you time to see NJAKE teaching friends and get some ideas for the coming year. Even better, you are done by 1pm, so the whole day is not taken up with school stuff.

So, register now, before you forget. The workshop will be here in less than a month. Even better, get a friend to come with you. That way you will have someone to discuss the workshop and plan to implement ideas. As always, our workshop costs are very reasonable. I would love to see you there and don’t forget to say “Hi!” Click on the workshops tab on our website to get the form for the summer workshop and for our fall conference in November. Sign up now and plan for a fabulous year!

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