Hooray, Rainy Day!

This morning I woke up to dark skies and rain. It is the kind of day that you just want to stay in bed under the covers. I love this kind of day, as long as it is not an everyday event. After a summer of being outside gardening and walking, I welcome a day to stay inside, if only for the morning. I didn’t stay in bed long, and I managed to get quite a bit done. Even better, the gardens got a good drink which they really needed. Sunny days are great in summer, but not when the plants are wilting and growth slows while everything cooks. Rain, too, can be a problem if we get a lot more than we need, especially during hurricane season. I love a steady amount of sunny days, sprinkled with a day of rain a week.

Well, gardeners can dream, just like teachers. You may have envisioned a great year with few problems and grade partners and assistants that work like a dream team. You never get exactly what you want. Even if you did, chances are problems would pop up, since we live in the real world. This summer I came across a wonderful picture book that has children and adults both thinking about problems in a new light. It is What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mei Besom. I don’t want to give the story away, so I suggest going to a book store and finding it. It was published this year and I promise it is perfect for just about any age. Let me know what you think and whether your class liked it.

So embrace those rainy days that happen this year and may they be a sprinkle, not a deluge. May this year be a year of growth for everyone in your class, including you. I hope that each of you will find pleasure in your teaching and your children joy in their learning.

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