Thank You, NJAKE


As some of you know, I make the month of November a whole month of Thanksgiving. I encourage you, too, to extend the holiday throughout the month by expressing gratitude for the people who have made your life richer. I talk to people, send notes through the mail, and emails as well. This year it is time for me to thank all the teachers and administrators who are members of NJAKE, because this organization has been a great source of friendship, relevant workshops, and ideas that spark the teaching I have done. Even though I have often been the only kindergarten teacher at my school, I have never felt alone since NJAKE members have always been there for me.

Let me tell you what really has me excited about NJAKE this November. I feel that our organization has turned a corner to be a place where we can keep the core of quality teaching and add new, fresh ideas. Our younger board members have seized the opportunity to bring exciting people to New Jersey and the Greg Smedley-Warren workshops at the Fall Conference were a smashing success. I am sad I wasn’t there, but glad that someone currently teaching had a chance to take my spot. We had many new members who, not only benefited from Greg’s expertise, but who got a chance to meet other awesome members. Go to his website at to see a part of what you missed.

The world has changed and teachers now search the internet for ideas, trends, and ways to reach each child in her/his class. Why go to a workshop after school, at night, or on the weekend when you can find so much at your fingertips? Many of us live where the traffic makes it daunting to get anywhere in less than an hour. Still, the human touch is important and we need to meet and discuss our methods and how to improve what we use. Greg Smedley-Warren’s visit gave many members the opportunity to see that he was “the real deal” in what he offered online. NJAKE has several workshops lined up and ready for you to attend. All are people who have an online presence with websites to visit. Is this the wave of the future? I don’t know for sure, but I do know it is a step in the right direction. The world is changing in so many ways and NJAKE wants to be a part of positive change for all our children. So “Thank you, members,” as my life would be less without you. Teach on!!!

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