Weather Rollercoaster

This winter I decided to try out winter sowing. It is a technique where you plant seeds in milk jugs and leave them outside during the winter months. I went to a class on winter sowing at my community garden, but, true to my procrastinating habits, I am just getting around to starting it now. The thing is, we haven’t had much of a winter and now the birds are returning and the trees are budding. Will we have an early spring and stay spring, or will we experience the rollercoaster swings we have seen in weather this “so called” winter?

I am just going to take a leap of faith and plant what I want. I love gardening, and the changing weather is a given. I like it, also, because it constantly reminds me that I am not in control. Some years are better than others, while I have yet to experience a summer when everything seems ideal. I actually learn more when there are problems that crop up, but the process of learning is messy and not always clear. I have to pay attention and look and “listen” to my gardens.

If you have been teaching a few years, you may also have experienced a rollercoaster, not of weather, but of changing staff, grade levels, technology, “hot” methods of teaching, testing dictates, and a myriad of other social and educational implementations. Unless you loop, you also have a new group of students every year, each with her/his talents and challenges.

To you who teach, I say, “Take a leap of faith in the children and each other and make this end of the year something to remember.” (in a good way!) Spring, the season of hope, is the perfect time to try something new or fine tune those tired out lesson plans. You can worry all you want about the changing weather in your classroom, but worry won’t make your classroom run smoother or the children happier and more productive. So, put aside the grading and lesson plans and go outside for a few minutes. Even ten minutes outdoors clears my befuddled brain and boosts my energy. I bet it will do the same for you. Itching to reenergize the class? We have several workshops lined up with ideas you can use now. Don’t worry about what we cannot control. It will change soon anyway!

Workshop Info

Alice Christie will be presenting a STEAM workshop that promises to be informative and stir those creative juices. A way to try something new or fine tune those tired lesson plans.

If you attended John Farrell’s workshop last spring, you know he sang a song that we all wanted, but wasn’t available yet. Now he is coming back to Union County with a whole workshop based on that song “It’s the Little Things.” Even better, the representatives at Union County are giving the CD to members who attend.

Our president, Jennifer Horling, has a representative from Creative Classroom coming on May 6 to give us a workshop free of charge and free of self promotion. See the attachments for further information, but act now. Spring is already heating up!

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